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  Adhering to the purpose of “appreciating nature, repaying society, serving customers and offering health” and the philosophy of developing first-class technology, producing first-class products and offering first-class services, the Company will build itself into a model enterprise of natural-product industrial chain of circular economy and a characteristic enterprise of anti-tumor and cardiovascular drugs. The company is ready to be a reliable strategic partner of excellent domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises in new product development, process improvement and optimization, and high-end customization.……

  Chongqing City Bei Sheng pharmaceutical Polytron Technologies Inc is a company specia lizing in the development of new drugs, pharmaceutical intermediates research and development, chemical process development and production of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in technical barriers and difficulty, the added value of research and development and production of pharmaceutical....[details]

 Now, the Company has established an R & D Center of 3,500 ㎡ in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Shuitu High-tech Industrial Park. It has also been equipped with 410 sets of first-class experimental equipment and analysis instruments and staffed with over 80 high-quality researchers, among whom 70% are with master or above degree and all have rich experience in product development.[details]

  Located in Sansheng Town, Beibei District, Chongqing, the production base has been established including multifunctional chemical synthesis workshop, biological fermentation workshop, natural-product extraction and purification workshop, etc. with total 590 various facilities. In addition, it has a plantation base of nearly 6666㎡ in the Qingfeng Mount...[details]

  In the South Qingfeng mountain - Hua ying Mountain near mu yew high value-added planting base of Chinese herbal medicine, 800-1040 meters above sea level, climate and soil conditions suitable for the growth of Taxus media. The artificial cultivation of Companies in strict accordance with the GAP standard of Taxus, annual capacity of more than 10 million strains of...[details]

  About us

Chongqing Beisheng Pharmachem Co., Ltd is a modernized characteristic pharmaceutical enterprise on basis of a natural-product industrial chain of circular economy, with anti-tumor and cardiovascular drugs as the core products, integrated with R&D, production and marketing.

  Company Cultures

Company tenet:
Thanks to nature, return to society, serve customers, inherit health
Core values:
Continuous efforts for the healthy life of the public
Team spirit: unity, dedication, innovation and enterprising.

  Strategy Orientation

strategic target
In order to become a model enterprise of Taxus chinensis circular economy industry chain, the special enterprise of anti tumor and cardiovascular drugs is the strategic goal Strategic path - developing Taxus series products forming a closed loop of Taxus chinensis circular

  Core Business

Cooperative concept
Mutual benefit and common development
Honesty --- honesty, mutual trust and mutual benefit
Sharing -- information sharing and resource sharing
Open cooperation model and talent mechanism Sustainable  stabilitydeve

What kind of plant is Taxus chinensis? Most people do not know the truth inside
  Taxus chinensis, also known as yew, is a Taxus species. Yew belongs to shallow rooted plant, its obvious main root, lateral roots developed, is a rare natural anti-cancer plant world recognized endangered ancient relic species, the legacy of the Quaternary Glacial in the earth has a history of 2 million 500 thousand years. Taxus chinensis is evergreen tree…<detailed>

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